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Welcome to the Path of the Special Natural Reserve Barranco del Infierno



Falinia Gestión, S.L. Information Service, control of public use, maintenance and conservation of the trail of the Barranco del Infierno, in the municipality of Adeje.

Information on the visit:

The Barranco del Infierno trail, is a hiking tour lasting approximately three and a half hours, with a distance of approximately 6500 meters. The natural area you are visiting presents a series of geological oddities and especially its topography causes unpredictable landslides. It is considered a dangerous and / or considered risky sportive and recreational activity.

Access to the path of Barranco del Infierno will be under the full responsibility of the visitors, who will assume the risks inherent in the site. Before accessing the site, the visitors must sign this document in which they are informed of the risks and by which they give their consent to access the site.

The visitor has the liberty to choose or reconsider doing the trip, after being informed of the natural risks involved in this natural space.

Instructions and rules for accessing the Barranco del Infierno trail, due to the inherent risks coming from the geography and morphology of the environment:

A. PERSONAL ACCIDENTS: They may occur due to ankle sprains or minor injuries caused by improper footwear or not going along the marked trail. Therefore, it is compulsory to wear proper shoes and carry enough water and supplies and never get away from the main trail. 

B. ADVERSE WEATHER CONDITIONS AND OTHERS: As a result of heavy rains or winds. If these phenomena occur, access to the ravine is automatically closed. If this happens during the day, visitors who are within the park will be called out and they can rebook a future visit, free of charge, at the information point.

From the point called "La Cogedera" to "La Cascada" you are warned not to stop on the trail for more than 30 seconds or take longer breaks because of increased risk of landslides in the area.

C. ACCESS OF MINORS: Access will be allowed to children over the age of 5. Those aged between 5 and 16 years must have a signed consent from a parent or legal guardian, by which they assume the risk, being aware of the situation or the danger of the trail.



• Underage children must be accompanied by adults.
• Wear appropriate shoes and bring extra water.
• The helmet on the path is, for safety reasons, mandatory.
• Check the weather forecast.
• Do not enter the park on bad weather conditions (wind, rain): landslide dangers.
• Camping or staying overnight is prohibited.
• Do not go off the main trail.
• Climbing, rappel and canyoning are forbidden.
• Collecting plants and/or animals is not allowed.
• Littering is forbidden.
• Smoking and building fires are forbidden.
• Bringing pets to the park is forbidden.
• Bathing in the riverbed or in the waterfall is not allowed.
• The emission of loud sound is not allowed.
• It is forbidden to feed the wild animals in Barranco del Infierno.


Please let us know your name.

Please let us know your name.

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Consent and signatures:

Once informed both orally and in writing of the risks, consequences and vicissitudes of the ravine, the visitors, by signing this document, accept, approve and declare that they are satisfied with the information received about the natural hazards of place they are about to visit, the Barranco del Infierno trail. They also accept and declare that they have understood all the information, that all their doubts have been solved and that their decision of visiting Barranco del Infierno is voluntary

In the event of disturbing the order or breaking these rules or performance standards as well as the guidelines given by the staff, the offender or offenders will be evicted by the staff and, if necessary, by Adeje local police officers.

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