The following general conditions of sale regulate all the relations between the Falinia Gestion SL society its Internet using clients (´The Client´) Before making any transaction, the client admits to knowing and accepting these conditions since the moment they click Accept.
Falinia Gestion SL is a mercantile entity thus, concerning the sales made on its portal or other media, they are totally adjusted to the laws and commercial regulations and to the consumer´s rights.

Falinia Gestion SL located in, Calle la Deseada 51B, San Miguel de Abona with CIF B65984759, registered in the Mercantile Register of Tenerife in Volume 3285, sheet 160, page TF-52173 is the owner of the webpage:
Falinia Gestion SL is the licensee of the maintenance, control and administration of the Access to The Special Nature Reserve ´Barranco del Infierno´ in Adeje.

Falinia Gestion SL reserves its rights to modify, at any given moment, the characteristics of the commercial offers presented on its website.
Falinia Gestion SL offers real commercial information. This information could, at times, contain some typographical errors. In this case, the errors having been made involuntary, we will immediately proceed to their correction.

The clients admit to acknowledging, at the moment they make the orders, the special sales conditions indicated on the screen (date, access conditions to the trail, necessary documentation, duration of the visit, groups, conditions of guided access, costs of presentations, etc.) and they declare they completely accept them. The purchase of entrance tickets or guided tours materializes the complete acceptation of the special sales conditions, exclusively applied to contracted products or services.

The client will begin making the order by clicking on the chosen day in the reservation calendar. The order will be added to a total of all the products confirmed by the client, and they should click on ´Accept the general sales conditions and I make payment´ before finishing the order.

The prices of the products and services presented on the Falinia Gestion SL website, include the Indirect General Tax (IGIC) which, in turn, is applicable.

For online purchases using the website the only accepted ways of payment are by credit card or PayPal. Under no circumstances will we accept the delivery of the money in cash by post or any other delivery system.

Once the payment is made, the client must print the entrance ticket, which shows the specific time of access and the reservation number. Without personally showing the ticket, the access to Barranco del Infierno will not be allowed, even if a previous reservation or payment has been made. The ticket must be kept until the client leaves the park.
The residency certificate and/or the Census certificate will be effective only if they are valid and if they show the address which entitles the client to a discount.
IMPORTANT: if the visitors don´t show the valid residency documents, the entrance will not be allowed in which case they will have to purchase other entrance tickets without a discount.

7. BUYER´S RIGHTS. REFUNDING AND DESITINGThe client will have a period of 14 calendar days to withdraw from their purchase as long as this withdrawal is communicated at least 3 days before the date of access to the Sendero del Barranco del Infierno. The client will notify Falinia Gestion SL, within the stipulated period and by any means permitted by law, of their desire to exercise the right of withdrawal. In these cases, Falinia Gestion SL, will return the money for the purchase through a payment on the credit card, within the period established by the applicable regulations.

In case of NOT communicating at least 3 days in advance, the amount of the ticket will not be refunded nor will changes be made to the reservation.

In case of closure due to rain or wind, the client will have 2 options, the change of their reservation or the refund of the money regardless of the 3 days in advance. However, if the client chooses the change of date for another day, the 3-day notice will prevail again for new changes or modifications.

Because we have a limited capacity, come 15 minutes before the start time. We cannot guarantee your place if this is not true because there will be more visitors waiting to enter.

Barranco del Infierno is a Special Nature Reserve. Falinia Gestion SL doesn´t guarantee the refund of the entrance tickets or of the guided tours in case of difficult access or impossibility of access to the park caused by natural phenomena (rain, storms, etc.)
Falinia Gestion SL will respond of the consequences derived from the non-execution or faulty execution of the contract concerning its intervention in the administration of the access and maintenance of the Barranco del Infierno trail.
Nevertheless, it will not take this responsibility in case of extreme situations (external, unusual or unpredictable causes), for facts that could not have been avoided by Falinia Gestion SL caused by a client or a third part, or when these consequences are due to an occurrence that Falinia Gestion SL , despite of the necessary diligence, could not predict or overcome.
The client has the obligation to inform Falinia Gestion SL, on site (in order to compensate for it) or as soon as possible, in writing, of any unfulfillment of the contract. Regarding the compensation limit for physical damage that might be caused by the unfulfillment or the faulty execution of the services included in the contract (access to the park and guided tours) it will be established by the existing regulations that are applied in the respective case. In case of damage that are not physical, these must be certified by the consumer. Under no circumstances will Falinia Gestion SL be made responsible of accommodation expenses, maintenance, transportation, expenses caused by the delay in departures or returns and others that are caused by extreme situations.
In case the client makes a complaint, Falinia Gestion SL will be allowed a period of a month since the complaint is filed to answer the client. The client can also ask that the competent authorities act as mediators in the conflict. Asking for mediation is voluntary for Falinia Gestion SL, thus it will consider in each case if it accepts or not the proposal of administration asked for by the consumer.
If the conflict is not solved in any of these ways, the consumer has the possibility of taking arbitral or legal actions.
The consumer is warned that Falinia Gestion SL is not a member of the arbitral system of consume.

Falinia Gestion SL reserves its rights to modify the general conditions at any time. The changes will be made according to the established General Conditions and according to the established existing regulation at any moment. The changes will not be detrimental to the clients in any way concerning the entrance tickets or the guided tours.

The user of the services of Falinia Gestion SL offered on, is voluntarily offering personal information (Personal Data) and completely accepts that Falinia Gestion SL uses them automatically and includes them in a file with the end of being able to give and offer its services. Falinia Gestion SL is responsible of the file and it will be registered by the competent authority..
The owners of the data will, at all times, have the right to access the file, being able to change, cancel and oppose the terms collected in the data protection legislation. In the same way, the user´s consent to the manipulation or offering of their personal data can be taken back without any retroactive effects, according to art. 6 and 11 of the Organic Law 15/1999, 13th December of Personal Data Protection.
To do this, you should contact Falinia Gestion SL by e-mail, or by writing to its social address C/Deseada 51, B, San Miguel de Abona, S7C de Tenerife. Falinia Gestion SL guarantees that they have adopted the appropriate security measures in its installations, systems and files. In the same manner, Falinia Gestion SL guarantees the confidentiality of the Personal Data, although they will be given to the competent Personal Data public authorities together with any other information they hold or is accessible through their systems and is asked for according to the legal regulations applicable in this case. The users of guarantee and take responsibility for the truth, preciseness, reality and authenticity of their Personal Data.
On the other hand, Falinia Gestion SL will be able to collect information through devices such as cookies or file log about the browsing of its users on These devices are exclusively associated to only one user and his/her own personal computer. In this case, Falinia Gestion SL will only use this data with the aim of improving its services.

Falinia Gestion SL declares that the rights of industrial property (Brands, Commercial Names, etc.) that are seen on this website are owned by the Company and/or that they are legitimately manipulated according to the license of use, being rightfully protected by the existing regulation on Industrial Property. The user has the obligation of using the website in a diligent, correct and legal way, and especially, commits to not do any of the following:
(a)Suppressing, eluding or manipulating the ´copyright´, brands or any other identifying data of the rights of Falinia Gestions SL or its owners incorporated in the contents and/or products commercialized on Falinia Gestión SL´s website, as well as the technical protection devices, digital prints or any other information mechanism that might contain any of the above. (b) Using its contents, especially, the information belonging to Falinia Gestion SL taken from its website to produce advertising, communications with the aim of direct sale or with any other commercial aim, unsolicited messages delivered to a multitude of people.
(c) Reproducing or copying, distributing, allowing the public access through any means of public communication, transforming or modifying the contents, unless previously authorized by the owner with the corresponding rights or legal permission.
(d) In general terms, using the form contents with ends or effects opposing the law, ethics and the good practices accepted by or adapted to the public order. Falinia Gestion SL doesn´t offer any license or authorization for the use of its industrial property rights or intellectual rights or of any other property or right related to its website.
In case any of the users or a third part considers that any of the contents has been included on the website violating their intellectual property rights, they should notify Falinia Gestion SL specifically and completely indicating its data and the intellectual property rights that have been infringed on the website.
Falinia Gestion SL is not obligated to control and it will not previously control the absence of virus or elements in the contents, that can alter the users´ software or hardware or of those who visit the webpage, thus it will not be made responsible of the damage of any kind that can be derived from this.

If one of the stipulations of the present General Conditions of Contracting is declared invalid or inoperative, the rest of the Conditions will be maintained in the established Terms. Falinia Gestion SL will substitute the stipulation affected by invalidation approximating as much as possible the initial intention of the parties.

The client is aware that the use of these services implies the full and complete acceptation of each of the integrated clauses/conditions of the Rules of Use on, in the version published by Falinia Gestion SL at the very moment when the client contracts a service or a product.

These general rules of contracting are regulated by the Spanish Law. Falinia Gestion SL and the clients, in order to resolve any controversy that might occur, concerning total or partial validation, execution, fulfilment or resolution, are exposed, specifically renouncing their own rights or any other, that, in its case could correspond to them, in favour of the Court Of Law of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

These clauses of general conditions were redacted on 7th April 2015 have indefinite validity while they are not modified.