The access to the Barranco del Infierno trail is made entirely on the user´s own responsibility, thus the user shall assume all the possible risks and dangers of the place.
A. The helmet on the path is mandato.
B. For safety reasons, it´s important to follow the instructions of the trail staff or those on the notice boards in order to safely enjoy Barranco del Infierno.
C. You should keep the entrance ticket until you exit the trail. The staff are within their rights to ask anyone who doesn´t have a valid ticket to leave the park.
D. The entrance fee is under no circumstances refundable.
E. Underage children must be accompanied by adults.
F. Wear appropriate shoes and bring extra water.
G. Check the weather forecast.
H. Do not enter the park on bad weather conditions (wind, rain): landslide dangers.
I. Camping or staying overnight is prohibited.
J. Do not go off the main trail.
K. Climbing, rappel and canyoning are forbidden.
L. Collecting plants and/or animals is not allowed.
M. Littering is forbidden.
N. Smoking and building fires are forbidden.
O. The use of glass bottles are not allowed
P. Bringing pets to the park is forbidden.
Q. In case of not respecting the proper functioning rules or the instructions of the staff, the offender will be taken out of the park either by the staff or by Adeje local police officers.
R. Bathing in the riverbed or in the waterfall is not allowed.
S. Collecting mineral elements is forbidden.
T. The emission of loud sound is not allowed.
U. It is forbidden to feed the wild animals in Barranco del Infierno.
V. It is essential that the visitors try to watch over their personal belongings, the administration will not be made responsible for the loss, theft, destruction or damage of any of these objects during your stay in the park.
Without altering the above, the company reserves its right both to allow and to take out of the premises any of the visitors who disobey any of the rules below or who engage in the following situations, in which case the visitors will not be entitled to any compensation.
a. Seriously altering the park order, its premises or committing any crime or offence on the park premises. Respect towards others and towards our environment is fundamental for a safe and pleasant stay.
b. Making inadequate use of the entrance tickets (including cheating, fraud or falsifying the tickets). Only the tickets purchased in authorized sales points are considered valid.
c. Committing acts of vandalism or damaging the premises.
d. Having such behavior that makes the other visitors´ stay uncomfortable or unpleasant.